A history of lies, mismanagement, safety concerns and record setting fines and now FirstEnergy Solutions is looking at YOU to pay off its Wall Street Creditors. Under a proposed bill, Ohio’s taxpayers will be on the hook for $1 billion + per year to bail out FirstEnergy Solutions’ bankrupt nuclear plants.


What Does a bailout mean for Ohio?


The bailout would mean Ohioans will have to pay a special tax on their utility bills to bailout FirstEnergy Solutions and line the pockets of their Wall Street creditors. It could kill Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards as well.


FirstEnergy Solutions is a bankrupt company that cooked up a scheme to “abuse the bankruptcy system” to the benefit of their Wall Street Creditors. Ohioans shouldn’t be on the hook to bailout Wall Street investors by paying a special tax on their electric bill.


Enough is enough.


Sign the petition today and say NO to this taxpayer-funded Wall Street bailout.

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